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About William

I have been a full time Entertainer for the last 14 years, ensuring that events like yours whether it be a corporate event or a wedding goes off without a hitch. I am a mindreader, magician and master of ceremonies who will divine the thoughts of your guests, bend metal in front of their eyes, perform magical miracles and ensure your event gels together. Whatever the event I will be there to make sure that your guests are entertained and that your event or wedding is talked about for years to come!

For me my journey started in Cheshire when I was 10  years old and my gran bought me a magic set, this sparked an interest that has lead me to my career as a entertainer. My shift from magic to mentalism was quick when I discovered that I liked paranormal things and the psychology of the mind, we have all seen card tricks but I find that whenever I perform, people always talk about the person that read their mind. Although my performance style is mainly mentalism, I am know to perform some of the classic tricks of magic swell. In 2019 I won the Bristol Society of Magic Darnley Wand Award for stage performance with my mind reading act. The the news article here (it was published under my real name)

Now residing in Weston Super Mare with my wife, I travel all over the country, using my charming charisma, quick thinking and entertainment skills to help me when I perform or host an event, as I believe that an event is remembered more favourably when the people have seen something that has made them go 'WOW'. I have performed at over 600 weddings, 200 corporate events, holiday parks and ships in the last 14 years. I have also performed in 30 public stage shows.

I am a member of the Magic Circle and the professional MC association so you know that your wedding or event is in safe hands. I often write blog posts to help brides and grooms plan their wedding day, I also post tips on how to make events a success. If you want to know more please see my services below or take a look at my blog.

I look forward to working with you.

Yours Magically,

William Augustine

Hi I am William and I am your perfect event entertainment!

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