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Readings are a great way to give your guests unique, uplifting and positive messages during your wedding or event. I specialise in a few different styles of readings they are: Tarot, palm, psychometry and personality readings. Tarot uses cards to give readings, Palm looks at the lines of the hand to give readings, psychometry uses peoples belongings to give readings and personality readings are based on the person themselves and uses nothing more than a few questions.

The most popular ones I give are the tarot and palm readings but I also incorporate readings into my mind reading, so if you book me just as your mind reading entertainment then there may be some in there. I am not a psychic medium so I will not be talking to dead people but I use intuition and other techniques to give accurate readings leaving people in a positive mood.

For Events

Readings are great for events, not only does it add something very unique but it give your guests a personal experience that they will carry with them. 

All my readings at events are positive and will be uplifting for the sitter, this means that there is no one who will be upset with their reading. 

There are two ways that you can use a tarot and palm reader:

1) I can mix and mingle with your guests during the drinks reception or evening turn around period.

2) I can be sat at a table in the room where people can approach me for a reading, if this option is chosen I do have banners so people are aware of what's happening. 

All readings are short so I can get around as many people as possible during the time I have.

Hen and House Parties

Whether you are looking for the perfect entertainment for your hen party or you are just having a few drinks at home with your friends, why not spice up the evening with a tarot party!

From only £35pp you will get an evening of entertainment with 1-2-1 readings for you and your friends and group psychic experiments this is surly going to be a hit with everyone.

Everyone who attends will get a free pendulum, we will do experiments with the pendulum and tarot cards along with much more!

Why not drop me a message to see what I can offer you!

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