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Bar & Restaurant Magical & Mystery Entertainment

If you run a Bar or Restaurant and are looking for something to stand out from the competition then having a resident magician and mind reader could be the solution. 

Why you need me as your resident entertainer! 

The hospitality industry is a competitive one and everyone is looking for something to increase foot fall in the quieter times.

This is where I come in! As an entertainer with my unique blend of magic and mind reading. I am no stranger to walking up to people and keeping them entertained whilst they enjoy their visit, having a resident magician in your venue could be the answer you are looking for. 

The main reasons to have me at your venue:

1. High chance of increasing customer footfall on an off night - People may decide that having some entertainment whilst they enjoy their visit a bonus.

2. Unobtrusive Entertainment - I will mix and mingle with your customers and if they don't want to see any magic that is absolutely fine they can enjoy their own company.

3. Magic gives you a competitive advantage - Most venues either have a quiz night, live music/DJ or Karaoke, there is nothing wrong with this but why not have something different to the other venues?

4. Reduce walkouts - if its a busy night I can entertain people whilst they are waiting for a table or if there is a delay on food, this will make them forget about their hunger and in turn have a high chance of them waiting around instead of finding another place to eat or drink.

5. Enjoy repeat custom - I find that when people have enjoyed the magic they want to come back again and again, this is great as next time they may bring friends with them or another family. I have a big repertoire of magic and mind reading so I can guarantee that I will be able to show returning customers something different.

What's the cost to you?

Like all entertainment there is a cost, but it may not be as much as you think. The cost very much depends on the frequency you have me, I work my prices on three different frequencies either Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. Each booking is for three hours at a time (this can be discussed).

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